Food By Brady

Eileen Rogers Brady

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                           Sensuous, mouthwatering food is our specialty!               

                           With a bicoastal, high-energy production team,

                           Mathew Brady will give you creative design and

                           sensational food footage for an incredibly competetive

price. An award-winning director, DP and Still Photographer, Mathew

has shot commercials for M&M Mars, Subway, Burger King, Smirnoff,

McDonalds, Hershey’s, GE, Checkers, Jack in the Box and more...

Mathew uses beautiful lighting and unique graphics

to create images that are unforgettable ... that cut

through the clutter and deliver the client’s message.

His primary objective is to sell the product.

Not only is he a gifted director ... Mat is also a skilled pilot, flying his

Grumman Widgeon around the beautiful Adirondack lakes and mountains

where he makes his home.

Mathew Brady